Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Proposal

Assalamualaikum..Dear readers..

The other day I watched few videos about a man proposing to marry a girl. There are variety of creative and romantic ways to win the girl's heart to make her to say "YES". There was a video I watched which a man wear a cute mascot cosplay suit and walking around Bukit Bintang thus proposing his girl in front of BB's big TV. So, my 'heating worm' hand ( tangan cacing kepanasan? haha. ) started to hold a pencil and sketch something. And here's the result. 
Check it Out! ^^

sketching in da making.. (P/S: credit to my youngest brother for the stationary..hehe. )

Done! ^^ it's about a guy wanted to propose his girl! :)

SUIT ON! this is the good thing about Adobe Photoshop! You can edit pictures the way you like! haha *click to enlarge
hehe. eventho my drawings and coloring a bit sucks (cuz I'm a beginner), but I had fun actually doing this! It able to make my imaginations coming true!:)

THANX For Your Support! ^^


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! your sketching is good eventho u said that u'r a beginner.. :)

zIq Ziqry said...

hee.. I started to make drawing as my hobby since in standard 2, but stop in 2006. Now I'm learning to do coloring on my artwork! Thx soo much jesse! ^^

Aini Azman said...

erkk... mcm ni kata suck?? klu aini yg buat entah apa la jdi,.hahaha


Umar Kadir said...

cantik apa! kalau lagi banyk practice sure meletop punya!

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

hehe, you're kinda creative guy! and you're good at sketching. and one day i hope i could be the best at skecthing and drawing. berjiwa seni ya anda :) keep on doing the good artworks!

zIq Ziqry said...

aini:ntahla..mayb compare ngn yg org lain buat kot..tu yg nampak teruk giler..haha

zIq Ziqry said...

Umar: hehe. thx bro!
Farra: hehe. thx soo much ya! need to practice more!

Izzati Khairunnisa Nordin said...

mne ad suck..cantik lar.cute bear tu..hehe
cam saya ni mampu lukis orang lidi je la kot..

zIq Ziqry said...

Izzati: Thx a lot ya! lidi pn ok je..janji puas ati kan..hehe

Chenal said...

bagus la sketch ko..! Nak try buat la..(tu pun kalo jadi..)

Blog Fatin Fadhillah said...

comelnya! nice sketch. is the guy represents you dear ziq? ^_^

Blog Fatin Fadhillah said...

comelnya! nice sketch. is the guy represents you dear ziq? ^_^

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